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SCHEDULE - Shreve Crump and Low Cup

Shreve Crump & Low Cup
Wednesday June, 13th
Hawk Hill vs Roller Rabbit 3:00pm 
Please see attached the full tournament schedule as well as the updated Roster with correct team lineups and spelling correction to the name Gringo Colombres.
Any questions please let me know.
Raleigh Craighead
Polo Manager
Cell 913-221-7516

June 5th, 2018

Shreve Crump & Low Cup


White Birch 16

Chris Brant A

Tomas Schwencke 2

Joaquin Panelo 6

Mariano Aguerre 8

Huntsman 16

Dillon Bacon 1

Toro Ruiz 6

Tomas Garcia Del Rio 7

Segundo Merlos 2

Hawk Hill 16

Lucas Diaz Alberdi 5

Dylan Rossiter 4

Gringo Colombres 7

Philip MacTaggart A

Roller Rabbit 16

Glenn Miller A

Andrew Siebert A

Nick Manifold 3

Matias Magrini 7

Kris Kampsen 6

June 12th, 2018

Shreve Crump & Low Cup


Sunday, June 10


10:30am Roller Rabbit vs White Birch

3:00pm Hawk Hill vs Huntsman

Wednesday, June 13th

3:00pm Hawk Hill vs Roller Rabbit

Thursday, June 14th

5:00pm White Birch vs Huntsman

Sunday, June 17th

10:30am Hawk Hill vs White Birch

3:00pm Huntsman vs Roller Rabbit

Wednesday, June 20th

2:30pm Subsidiary

4:00pm Final

Asado Following Awards Ceremony